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Ever thought about becoming a multi millionaire trader? Then today is your chance to join a secret elite group as a member and reap all the benefits that comes with being a multi millionaire stock trader and all you will need is just 1 hour on Monday evening and we will increase your capital by 10%-30% minimum each week. Sound good?

Trading with us means:

  • We will help you set up your own account with our partners exclusively so you get a 100% bonus as a member of OBR Trading Group!

  • You will receive the long term 5 day trades we make via email every MONDAY EVENING around 8pm – 10pm.

  • We only trade 95% high probability winning 5 day trades to secure a solid profit trade consistently on a weekly basis.

  • Win trades between 300 pips – 2000 pips.

  • You can receive anywhere from 1-3 trades every Monday (HIGH PROBABILITY WINNING WEEKLY TRADES).

  • Place your trades whenever we send them.

  • We will give you additional free material that will help you day trade IF you want to (but is more risky the shorter the trade).

  • Do not trade more than 10% of your account size per trade. EVER! Protect yourself at all times even when you are winning.

  • You trade with us with a minimum 10%-30% per week then you will profit between £100-£10,000 per week depending on your account size.

  • Do not trade any trades without our email trades if you want to grow your wealth in a stable way.

  • Cancel membership anytime if you are not satisfied with your progress.

  • No contracts & no obligations.

  • No crazy joining fee like most trading groups.

  • If you want to rejoin then you can join again with ease.

One of our Accounts

(**£3,000,000.00+ in 5 years!**)



“Over 1700 satisfied elite subscribers”

We keep the membership at a low price so that you all can profit nice and smoothly without worrying too much about your monthly investment for us to trade with you. We will make our end of the week trades in the evening usually between 8pm-10pm to see which way the market is heading on Monday. The best way to trade is a full week so that you can do the regular things you do and still finish the week with a substantial profit at the end of it. We will only trade high probability winning trades that will last for about 5 days so you don’t have to sit by the computer all week. You will receive an email as subscribers and we will send 95% winning trades for you to place for the END OF THE WEEK e.g. Friday’s (placing the trade in the evening) on the “LONG TERM” tab that is where you will expire your trades EVERY FRIDAY AFTERNOON (which will be a 5 DAY trade starting from Monday of course). We will suggest that you get the app of the broker you will use so that you can place the trade even if you are out of the house at the time when you receive our email so you don’t have to be at home to place trades. You will get high quality trades on Monday’s in the evening. We will place our trades and then send you guys the confirmed trades we made so you can copy them. Simple as eating cake. We will teach you how we analyse a killer trade in the months that you will receive the trades from us weekly so you are able to be successful once you feel confident to leave us, however if you choose you want to just trade with us forever and receive our trades via email for life then just continue with your monthly membership, and if at anytime you want to cancel your £10 per month membership with us then send us an email directly to and we will cancel your membership right away, and if you want to return then you will have to subscribe again to be included on our trade email list every Monday evening.

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