Best Way To Create Your Own Website Online Within A Few Days!

What Kind Of Website Do You Want To Create For Yourself?

If you haven’t created a website for yourself before then it can be tricky on where to begin.

The days of coding your website in html are long gone.

There are simpler ways to building a website and that is by hosting it on a WordPress interface platform.

The benefit of creating a website in the WordPress setup is that it will give you maximum flexibility to change the theme and design of your website easily and have everything up and running within a few hours.

In most cases of people searching for the quickest ways to create a website is usually with this method.

Everything really depends on what you would like on your website or what you plan to do with it.

If you plan to run an ecommerce site (selling products) and you already know how to bring the right customers to your website through advertising or organic visitors then you should get a personal hosting account to run your website through them.

If you want to create your own website blog/forum then hosting your blog with WordPress by using Hostgator. You will have all the benefits of using WordPress to build a powerful blog/forum of your choice but also when you commit to them every 12 months then you are only paying approximately $70 per year (best deal on the market right now with a top hosting company), which the usual every year cost for hosting a website is roughly $120 a year so that is definitely a perfect offer to start with when you want to create your own blog/forum.

There are three types of hosting plans that you need to consider before getting your hosting for your website and they are:

1. Baby Plan – (Creating 1 Website Only) With this particular hosting you are only able to use one domain name for one website, which gives you unlimited space and bandwidth, along with one click installing and email website accounts. It costs $3.95 per month.

2. Hatchling Plan – (Creating Multiple Websites) This plan is exactly like the Baby Plan except you are able to host an unlimited amount of domain names (websites) in one hosting account. It costs $5.95 per month.

3. Business Plan – (Ecommerce Websites) this plan is also the same as the Hatchling Plan except you will have SSL secure access for yourself & visitors on your website if you will be processing payments directly from your website. (You don’t need a Business Plan to have SSL secure access installed on your website as you can always add SSL on your other plans separately if you wish). It also costs $5.95 per month.

If I haven’t mentioned the type of website you wish to create here then most likely you will only need to use either the Baby Plan or Hatchling Plan, because it can build any website you wish to create and even if your website doesn’t work out you can always change it so that you can take your website in another direction.

You will also be able to watch a tutorial video on how to setup your website with WordPress when you are ready to select a plan.

What Are The Main Options When Choosing Your Path To Creating Your Own Website?

Blog/Forum: using the Baby or Hatchling Plan option will help you set up an incredible website. If you need assistance building your website and getting things working then you can chat directly with your customer service representative to help you with creating your first website.

Creating a blog/forum will give you a voice or your members a voice to talk about things that is of interest to them. With these types of websites you could gain millions of members interacting socially, which does make a website more popular and begin to make money by selling advertising to companies who are interested in advertising to your members.

Ecommerce: Selling your own products through your own website is a great way to eliminate paying merchants like eBay or Amazon a commission for the sales that you make.

You have great flexibility to add more information that your customers may find more appealing before buying your products, so it offers a better customer experience for them.

If you are choosing to sell products off your website then you will definitely need to install the plugin “woo commerce”. This will make listing your products on your website much faster and organised in a better way.

The plugin is very easy to use. If you do decide that today is the day you want to set up your own website then to get this plugin installed on your website is very simple. Go to your plugins menu and search for “woo commerce”, you will then install/activate it and then you are done.

If you decide you are ready to start building your own website then please continue here to register & build your website here.

Choose The Plan You Require For Creating Your Website Now!