Best Way To Cure Nail Fungus And Keep It Off Forever!

What I have found, is that with nail fungus problems, it is vital that you tackle it quickly.

I do take a lot of vitamins and all of that to make sure my blood stream is as healthy as possible to promote healthy looking nails.

I didn’t mess about when I had it because I’ve heard stories of dealing with it for months.

Even though my situation was minor it still took 2 months to clear. Two bottles of Zetaclear was all I was told to buy privately recommended by my doctor.

I purchased it online with the link I’ve added on this page, and at first I bought one bottle for $49.95 as I hoped I only needed the one but unfortunately I needed two. The first bottle finished in 4 weeks and cleared my nail fungus on my toes and fingers by 70% so I knew one more bottle would clear it all completely.

When my bottle arrived 5 days after I placed my order I couldn’t wait to put it on my nails so I could begin the process.

All the instructions were provided when it arrived, however I needed cotton wool so I could squirt the liquid onto the cotton wool and then begin to clean and wipe around the fungus affected areas so that it was fully clean.

I will do this in the morning and also in the evening (two times every day). Another thing that I did that helped speed up the process was I stopped wearing socks when I was in my house and wore open feet slippers to allow my toes to be free from all bacteria from the socks.

As I had a little bit of fungus on my left thumb I would put a little bit of Zetaclear on that too.

It didn’t sting or anything, it was very gentle and felt natural. Like I said it was all gone in about 6 weeks, which is extremely quick because most clinics will say it will maybe take 4-6 months so that is why I am so happy that I got two bottles for myself.

If you have nail fungus on just your toes or just your fingers then I think one bottle will be enough to get rid of it.

Even though it is a must-buy solution to your nail fungus, I am going to tell you what has helped me maintain beautiful nails all over my body.

The first thing is try to drink at least 3 litres of water per day.

The second thing is to take cod liver oil, which you can purchase at your local supermarket and have one teaspoon of that every morning and you will see not just your nails stay beautiful but also your hair and skin so that is my two cents.

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