Best Way To Improve Intimacy In Your Relationship Between The Sheets!

By Jeremy Lucas

As you can see I love my fiancee very much. She is my best friend, my everything and the only person I love spending time with.

We have been together for 6 years and soon to be married. We have traveled the world together as we both are in the travel industry.

I must admit it is hard to keep the flame alive in our relationship sometimes because she knows me inside and out and what to expect.

What has been a problem recently is our intimacy in the bedroom. It has been lack luster for a long time now, not as explosive as it used to be so I wanted to find something that I could do to spice up our relationship in a massive way.

A few days go by and she got me a free bottle of VigFX, she only paid $6.95 for shipping costs. She said one of her best friends got it for her boyfriend and explained how it had made their sex life a million times better. The bottle arrived in the mail box in just 3 days after placing the order for a free bottle as we were both leaving for work, so it was kind of like, “I’ll see you later tonight baby!”

So to fast forward to us coming home from work and I made her a lovely spaghetti & meatballs for dinner and her favorite wine to drink to make her feel special about the night we had been waiting all day for.

I took one of the supplements, as it stated for me to take one 30 minutes before we started to get a little naughty in the bedroom, and I was so incredibly shocked at my performance. My gorgeous lady was absolutely loving our time in bed together, I am not going to go into raunchy details but it was good.

After using it for 2 weeks I decided to get an extra 4 more free bottles as I believe each customer is only allowed access to a maximum of 5 bottles so I took the liberty of getting what I was entitled to, unfortunately you have to order one at a time, which did take a bit of time but was worth it as their delivery times are extremely fast.

I never use the supplement unless my energy levels are way down but what a pick me up it is to use it, I am able to give my woman such an amazing time. Something that we both haven’t experienced in years.

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