Best Way To Keep Your Teeth Sparkling White!

 By Amanda Price

Ever since I was a tiny little girl I always had braces. That’s the thing with my parents, straight teeth, white teeth & of course clean teeth.

We have so many routines for our teeth it’s weird.

My sisters have straight white teeth and my brothers have straight white teeth, it’s the straight white teeth family they should call us.

Anyways I like to brush my teeth two or maybe three times a day, depending on what kind of day I had, what kind of foods I ate that day.

Junk food I almost certainly brush my teeth one hour after eating junk food because it gets stuck in my teeth and is really like acid and does more harm the longer you keep it on your teeth.

I stay well clear of fizzy pop drinks, they are designed to make your teeth really sensitive, rotten and prone to tooth decay and toothache very quickly. I only drink water, orange juice and apple juice. These are deemed to be the most healthiest drinks out there so be sure to check that out.

I also noticed that fruit is perfect for your teeth however if you like eating apples then you must understand the trauma of a single bite on the apple’s hard surface right? It is best to slice the apple into thin pieces to protect your teeth from going wonky or crooked.

If you know anybody who has perfect straight white teeth, ask them what they do. They do all kinds of weird stuff to maintain it such as flossing, whitening and brushing at certain times during the day. Ever since me, my sisters and brothers were little we have always had to whiten our teeth every Sunday morning with Alta White to maintain a healthy and beautiful glow of white teeth at all times.

I just apply the gel into my little mouth guard, stick it in my mouth and continue what I was doing around the house. I usually only leave it on for roughly 2 hours, I find that to be the sweet spot for my pearl white teeth so I only keep it on for 2 hours maximum and then I will just brush my teeth just to clean everything and then that is me done for the week.

I have about 3 whitening packs, one for home, one for when I travel and the other if I forget to stock up so it is really a valuable piece in my life.

However as long as you keep brushing your teeth and take good care of the hard things that you chump away at, just remember your teeth can also be in pain as well.

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