Best Way To Start Trading Binary Options As A Beginner!

By Michael Freeman

Being a veteran in the trading industry for over 11 years, I know the best places to start and the worst places to start as a beginner. 

I’ll tell you a secret that no one in the financial world will ever admit, and that is that there is no straight method to overcome the market. It is all about timing and I will help direct you in the right direction for you to succeed as a super successful trader just like me and many of my friends.

Where do I start? You have to realise that trading is unforgiving but it is also life changing, and if you are able to know the rights from the wrongs from the get go then you will have no problems succeeding right from your first experiences with trading, which is why my free trading software is the perfect place for you to get your feet wet as a new trader.

Always start with the bare minimum, open an account with the smallest amount of $250 and only ever trade $5 trades if you are a beginner so you grow your account day by day without blowing it. When you feel comfortable then start doing $10 a trade. You have to be patient in this game.

How do I know all of this? It is because I took the long route. I first started doing fast trading of 60 seconds, I did well for a while but I always eventually blew my accounts sooner or later. I purchased some terrible signal providers that couldn’t handle market conditions at crucial times, which was why I invented my own trading software to simplify my trading in a massive way.

I can tell you straight up that the best time for you to trade is between 4pm – 9pm.

During these times while using my trading software, I consistently win a minimum of up to 4 out of 5 trades at 30 minute – 1 hour expiry times. Do you want to know why these times are so profitable for me and my friends? Because there is no news happening at this time of the day, which means you are likely not to be involved with the crazy waves that the news possesses in the market, which does cause the 93% of traders to fail in the market.

The secret to succeeding is repetition and you must be willing to stick to your plan and never deviate from your strategy. I will never forget the time when I became profitable in my trading and it wasn’t until I created my free trading software that I started to see a reliable tool that I use every single day at the times when the markets are extremely quiet and I never deviate from what I do.

I have been able to travel many places in Europe and also many places in America because I do something that many individuals find difficult to do and that is to stick to what you know and never try something different, especially when something you are already doing is successful for you day in-day out and I will live and die by these words because it has got me to where I am today.

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