Best Way To Test Yourself For An STD!

Is It Time For An STD Test?

Having worries about having an STD is something we all would try to avoid but unfortunately for some of us it’s something that is currently a reality and we have to find out something that has made us question our present sexual health.

What exactly do you want to test is the question and in this day in age where sexual activity is higher than it’s ever been. It is always better and much more safer to cover all the basis when it comes to testing and figuring out how you are going to cure it if something would show up positive.

Now it is quite unlikely that something will come up positive, but when you have been sexually active and you haven’t tested yourself in a very long time then that is a massive question mark over your head.

There are only two options and in 95% of most cases the 1st option is all that is needed.

There are some cases where you may need the 2nd option but we will get into that very soon.

What Are The Options?

Option 1: 10 Test Panel – WITHOUT HIV Test – This test involves everything that needs to be tested from an overall test, which will look at everything in your system except the HIV examination. This is what most people select, especially if you do not engage in anal intercourse without protection, then you are unlikely going to need the additional HIV Test. Altogether you should expect the cost of this full STD Test to cost you around $198 for each test you take or others going with you.

Option 2: 10 Test Panel – WITH HIV RNA Early Detection – With this particular test it would be mainly for individuals who are in a same sex relationship or heterosexual couples who engage in anal intercourse. Of course this is to the extreme and if you have not done a HIV Test before and you fall under any of these circumstances then it may not be a bad idea to check this as well. This particular test package will cost you around $349 each.

Obviously depending on your circumstances what you choose can vary but what you should take into consideration in future is to try and stay with one partner to limit these types of risks because they are costly both physically and financially.

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