Best Way To Use Your Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch!

What Are You Going To Use The Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch For?

Although we do have different reasons for getting our first smart watch but in most cases it is always the same result.

We want something we can use in order to track our activities whether by going to work or exercising at the gym, in the park or wherever you choose to exercise it doesn’t matter, we need to see what we have achieved for that day.

The ability to set realistic targets for yourself on the next time you choose to do that activity, but the end result must be satisfaction with your performance.

Personally I use this watch when I go for a 4 mile run in the park 3 times a week around 6.30am.

I know 4 miles may seem a lot to people but really it only takes me 30-45 minutes to complete depending on the pace I set for myself.

What I love about the watch mostly is that it gives astonishing tracking in detail, in terms of my calorie burn and I usually aim to burn at least 500-800 colories every time I embark on my legendary 4 mile runs.

You will be surprised how quickly you can do it after doing it for a couple of weeks and really begin to see results.

Another thing I like about it is that whenever I think of eating some junk food, I automatically choose something healthy to eat.

It gives me that reminder that maybe I should have a couple of apples or maybe an orange to keep myself on the healthy side rather than the dark side.

Who Will Enjoy The Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch?

I am going to be honest with you and explain that if you are not an active person then it is not going to benefit you in anyway.

If you travel to work that isn’t by car then it means you will be able to track your walking steps and see the amount of calories you can burn especially when you start to power walk to a bus stop or train station.

It really makes the difference the faster you walk in this scenario.

Another good thing is if you do drive and you are already going to the gym maybe 2-3 times a week and you are a cardio freak then you will definitely enjoy this smart watch because it’s more accurate on your movements.

Gym equipment is an estimated result based upon weight and speed, which is not the real results that you hope to expect.

Swimming with this smart watch is also excellent. Although I am not in the pool so much in the winter as I get colds like no one’s business.

When I’m in the pool I do 5 sets of 10 lengths and the watch shows amazing breakdown of my results and if I am not leaving tired or exhausted then I haven’t worked my body long enough.

Cycling to work with this smart watch is spectacular. Imagine if you have to ride to work from 5-20 miles at a fairly good pace 5 days a week and you stopped driving to work.

Either way you choose to benefit from the smart watch, there are no bad ideas and the opportunities are endless to improve your bodily health in more ways than one.

If you feel you want to pick up one of these smart watches then it costs roughly £220.

As I use it every single day it is a crucial part of my life from a health standpoint.

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