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Ever since I started using this software as a priceless trading tool, my life changed dramatically & now I am going to share my success and story with you so that you can also replicate my success and make it yours.

I started off my new account with €250 Just to make my account fully ready for trading the next session.

I consider this to be the best way for me to trade and for everybody else. I took some advice from a trader who recommended a certain type of setting based upon my balance and I took my balance from €250 to €2300 in 3 days.

At this point I was doing the same settings in the video below except I was doing 3 simultaneous trades, but now I am doing 7 simultaneous trades at €20 per trade only because I have a lot more money to be able to do this.


I only opened this account to show how quickly I could make €13,000+, which was just in a few weeks. I got help from another trader who told me to use these settings & I would see a better performance in my winnings & I have never used different settings ever since then.

This software is by far my most successful so far as a beginner trader and I encourage all types of traders whether new or experienced to get one of these accounts today as it is free to use when you deposit the minimum of just £/€/$ 250 to trade with live.

As long as you follow these settings and instructions of 3 simultaneous trades at €20 per trade, you can’t go wrong when it comes to making money with this software.

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