How To Become A Wealthy Forex Trader With Plus500!

I use Plus500 because they give me all the tools and support I need to be able to succeed. I watched many of their forex trading videos and I chose the strategy that worked for me, which I will demonstrate to you below.

If you have been considering making an additional income from forex trading, then you are in the right place to learn how you can achieve this for yourself when trading with Plus500.

Even though forex trading is not easy, it’s definitely worth trying with a proven strategy that helped me earn £10,000 within 2 months.

There are 10 forex trading tips I would recommend that you should have in mind before you even think about opening a Plus500 account today and they are:

  1. Start off with a minimum of £/$/€ 1000, anything less works against you in terms of real profit margin and bonuses.
  2. The only way you can make good returns are long distance resistance/support trades long term.
  3. I choose approximately 10 assets to invest in each year from the beginning of Q1.
  4. I don’t close my investment or take my profits until minimum 3 months ahead.
  5. If you invest long term then your risk is much lower than your reward.
  6. Put stop losses early to protect your balance at all times.
  7. As long as you do your research on a long term scale, you are unlikely to lose a trade if you are trading long term.
  8. Invest in stocks that you know are profitable. (E.g. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, Facebook, Apple, Google, Gazprom etc)
  9. Invest only when you are certain you will win long term.
  10. Check your investments progress once at the beginning of each month.

As long as you follow these 10 tips of mine, then there shouldn’t be any room for failure & rely on your instincts.

You will have everything you need and more to succeed in the forex market and with these guys you will be in safe hands to becoming a superstar in the forex world in no time.

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