My €13480.65 Case Study Success With Option Robot Trading Software!

Let’s get straight to the point because I know you want to watch my case study and see my successful trades and my losing trades and if I did make money with Option Robot Trading software.


I started trading roughly 15 months ago and I tried manual trading and it never worked out for me. My decision making is too compromised by the market conditions and it changes my strategy with every trade, which gave me a horrific losing streak that always blew my trading accounts.

I found that many of my peers on the binary options forum was having huge success with Option Robot and that is why I wanted to give it a shot as my last venture to being a full time trader as I was ready to give up for good, because manual trading is way harder than I thought it was going to be and 15 months later I still wasn’t profitable as a manual trader so I knew that me starting with Option Robot would be my absolute last time of trading with my real money.

I quickly put €250 into the account. Once I signed up I had the chance to try the demo version just to see how the trades come in, the settings and expiry times etc.

I knew from experience demos never helped because the markets aren’t real or live so it will give false results that manipulate your judgment no matter what the outcome is, which is why I took the plunge and dived right in to the real account to avoid wasting time.

I deposited my €250 after I got paid on the Friday and the markets are open from Monday to Friday so I decided to wait until the following Monday to start trading live and to my surprise it went really well.

I made my first ever profit day of around €378 and I stopped trading around 2pm because I was cautious of ruining my profit.

I came back the next day and done around €175, which is great because I never had a two day profit consecutively before as a manual trader.

I continued this for the next couple of weeks and just kept growing my profits and I was so shocked at how well everything was going for me.

I have since the video took out some profits and began trading again.

I will never ever think of trading manually ever again and I will ride this software trading account for as long as the software is available online.

Because a lot of people are having great success with the software I am hoping it will stay for at least 5 more years as I would like to make at least 250k-1million before the software goes down at some point as all of them do eventually so I can invest my money into buying property to rent out as a stable monthly residual income for myself and my family and hopefully one day retire and maintain my wealth through regular property rental income coming in for life.

I am sharing the software with you today as whenever you join from this website you get the new settings and you will receive a 100% deposit bonus of whatever amount you deposited into your trading account, depending on the broker that chooses you but don’t worry 80% of brokers will give this bonus so it’s best to start trading from 9am and begin to win trades and profit on a daily basis.

I wish you all the best of luck and success with the software.

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