Using Organifi With Simple Exercise Rituals Will Help Lose 35lbs Or More Every 4 Months!

If you are one of those men or women who are trying to lose weight by keeping true to the regime and it doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere then this is for you, because people out there sell training programs that they don’t even adopt in their own regime because it is so damn hard to maintain for even two months.

It’s the same thing with juicing but you do need superfoods working all throughout your body 24/7, which is why you don’t ever play about with your nutrition and that is why I use Organifi every single day.

Although I do different types of workouts I am going to get into why Organifi is such a priceless investment for both my health and fitness.

First of all, my health is taken care of when I drink this juice. You don’t need to go to the supermarket to find all the right ingredients that make up this super nutritious food, which is why you should save time and have the juice ready to drink when you start your day.

It is helpful with a massive source of energy that you will feel the strength and power to make more of an effort to stick to an exercise routine.

I am going to give you a routine that is so easy and is what I do 4 days a week and Fridays Saturdays and Sundays are my days off from working out.

I will give you two scenarios, one that I personally do every 4 days that I work out and also an alternative if you aren’t able to do what I do every time you work out.

Scenario 1: I wake up around 6am, I splash some cold water on my face, I drink a glass of Organifi, which is loaded with all the energy and nutrition I am going to need to complete my workout for the morning.

You are better off working out in the morning just to get it out of the way and start your day off strong.

I will go for a 30 minute run which is about 2 miles, I will burn over a thousand calories doing this every day.

I will finish off doing stretches and I will be home by 7.30, wash and leave for work at 8.15. I repeat these steps every day. Make sure you get at least 7 hours sleep when you return home in the evening.

So I get home around 7pm and that means I need to be asleep no later than 11pm in order to get my 7 hours rest before the next juice and workout.

Scenario 2: Now whatever your circumstances are you can fit your juicing in because any sort of activity in the day, even if you are at work.

Try to walk more frequently and maybe if you happen to have any gym equipment at home or work then be sure to take full advantage of doing some cardio on the crosstrainer or maybe start riding a bike to work.

There are many things you can do to make this work out well for you.

I fully recover by resting longer on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Although you don’t have to use Organifi on your off days I still use it because it is a fantastic energy booster that helps me think better so I do use Organifi 7 days a week.

Right now I am on the bulk order of 3 tubs costing me $149.95 every time I need a refill but it is well worth it and you get way more value once you start using it for yourself.

I started off with the one tub per month subscription, which cost me $57.95 so I could see how it would make my body feel after one month and if i noticed anything positive about it.

Fast forward 14 months later and I am still using it and that is why I can recommend this juicing powder, because I use it everyday and I know it will be a life changer for you from your very first month.

I will say though like anything in life not everyone will be sold after trying it for one month that is why you should only upgrade to the 3 tubs subscription every 3-5 months once you are committed to adding it to your daily routine.

There is another reason why Organifi is extremely valuable to me and that is because it cleans my insides out incredibly well.

If you have trouble doing poops and it is sometimes a struggle to completely empty all of the waste that has been sitting in your body for days then with Organifi you can poop with ease and you won’t ever have to worry about constipation.

I also consider it a daily fat burner as well because I am constantly feeling easy digestion where my abs stay strong and smooth and not lumpy.

It’s also fantastic for your skin, hair and nails, which as an overall juicer it acts as a all in one health juice for the ages, which is why I feel confident using it for so long.

A few facts about what it does for your body and why it’s your all in one juicer:

1. Saves time buying your ingredients and creating mess using a real blender.

2. You will have better brain power and focus all day.

3. Will improve your health in a massive way.

4. Reduces stress and balances hormones and an overall much more happier person because your body feels good.

5. It’s a detox for your body that flushes all the toxins out for good.

6. It rejuvenates your skin and promotes a health glow and improves your face complexion.

7. Loaded with vitamins and minerals that boosts your immune system.

If you want to know the ingredients in the juice powder then you can read about it in more detail on their website.

When I first started my test month I chose the 1 tub/bottle subscription below because I was able to drink my juice for 30 days and do the exercises and eat lighter portions of food and see the results at the end if I chose to continue with my subscription as it is very simple to cancel it so that gave me piece of mind to actually give it a real go.

Even though I now buy 3 bottles in bulk as a one-time purchase I don’t need to constantly pay a subscription, which is great however I didn’t move on to buying in bulk one-time purchases until 7 months of using the one bottle subscription.

I wanted to make sure that it was definitely going to be part of my life for a very long time and getting 3 bottles at one time saves me running out of juice and it also lasts me 4 months at a time, which saves me $23.90 for every 3 bottles I buy in bulk but don’t do this until you are 100% committed to this juice for the future and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are.

And also it’s better to do a one-time purchase so that you only pay for the next 3 bottles when you are about to finish your last bottle of juice. Sometimes it can take 5 months to finish 3 bottles it just depends how frequently you use it. It usually takes me 3-4 months to finish 3 bottles, however I order my next 3 bottles when I am on my last bottle.

So just to clarify everything, the one tub/bottle monthly subscription will cost $57.95 per month (you only pay VAT & shipping for the start of your subscription).

From your 2nd month it will always be billed at exactly $57.95 (which will include VAT & shipping).

With the 3 bottles when buying them in bulk if in future you decide you want to use Organifi for the long term then this will cost $149.95 (excluding VAT and Shipping) you will have to pay this everytime you buy 3 bottles as a one-time purchase because you won’t be a subscriber as you won’t need 3 bottles every month, only every 4 months you will need 3 bottles so it may hurt in the beginning to keep paying the shipping and VAT every time you order 3 bottles but it is definitely worth it.

Just know that you can make your first order with confidence knowing that it is a fantastic fat burning juicing powder that works well on a daily routine in whatever you do throughout the day.